Tigate Oy

Tigate Oy is a company specializing in Advanced TFC coating technology and material protection. The developer of our Advanced TFC-technology is a Finnish company, and all our products are manufactured in Finland. Our company’s business includes the sale of TFC microglazing and TFC additives for professional use, as well as protection services for various materials through our network.

Our service also includes product development projects, in which we tailor a product to our customer’s needs. Our TFC microglazing or TFC additives can be manufactured from the very beginning from pure raw materials or by modifying an already existing product.

We have accumulated over 20 years of expertise in special product formulation and have patronage with the world’s largest raw material suppliers. Our customers operate extensively in different fields, from large-scale paper industry to small businesses. Our products are used for different purposes in numerous locations and conditions, in which an optimal solution has not been achieved using traditional materials and methods.

Our advanced technology, first class raw materials and premium customer orientation are the cornerstones of our company.